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Brett Martin

My Story

A passionate artist and creative professional working out of Jacksonville, Florida. Brett Martin is a strong believer in finding beauty in every story. He brings that philosophy to life in every project he takes on.


In 2015, Brett got his first job at a local toy and book store, where he developed a deep love for children's books and illustration. When his manager saw him drawing on a scrap of wrapping paper his career as a professional artist began. What started as drawing on chalkboards for retail displays quickly became the beginning of his professional journey. Brett's art has since been featured in a variety of small businesses and online publications. 

Working as an artist for hire since the age of 17, Brett has worked on a wide variety projects. From brick and mortar businesses, to fast paced start-ups. With a deep passion for building community, his work focuses on telling a story and connecting with audiences through meaningful art and design.

Whether it's a children's book, a brand campaign, or a gift for someone special, Brett always strives for quality production with great consideration to what the client needs. Browse through his portfolio and get in touch to see how he can bring your vision to life.

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